Last modification of this document : Tuesday 22 avril 2008, 21:53:11 (UTC+0200)
Latest version : 0.0.14


  • Translate all file as TODO, ChangeLog files in english to internationalize the project
  • Change PHP4 to PHP5 to implement class and interfaces for each software objects : IN PROGRESS...
  • Review the database design to dynamicaly create communication means. This feature has to be enabled only for an administrator
  • Need to studying sequence of screens to improve the software usage capabilities
  • Need to create a real class hierarchy between all classes : IN PROGRESS
  • Delete the popup.php script all reference on and move needed code into index.php file. The idea is to set all code in index.php file
  • Replace all references of sql.xsl and/or sql.dtd, sql.xsd files by a single file of each type at a single place of directory tree


  • Check all URL encoding and apply all PHP functions in order to avoid "any" type of attack
  • Create a specific function to check all special charaters in database attributs


  • Add a function to associate a communication means to a contact which is of organism type : it's only a form to create and SQL to code !
  • After a global research (person & organism), the firstname has to be displayed in the result array
  • Alter table contact to register the distinguish name of contact issued from an LDAP server and modify all queries according to this
  • Improve the help edition system because some bugs have been dicovered
  • In "individu" update form, add fields to show if contact origin is from LDAP directory or direct database input
  • Correct problem in function that show the account state (locked or openned).
  • Erase all text in XSL files and replace by XML entries and XSLT commands. So DTD or schema have to be modified according to these changes
  • All modules of sicontact project has to contain a single calling point (index.php, index.html,... file or any other else method)
  • Make a difference between a post postal address and any other address (telephone number, email,...)
  • When showing results of a contact search, don't send SQL request results to web page building script by URL
  • Add feature to add contact logo or photo according to contact type
  • Add multilingual support (may be xmllang attribut)
  • Create the option in order to select more organism for a contact. This in order to register organismes which the contact is working for and isn't employed by.
  • Write another template with a CSS drop-down menu to replace left side menu
  • Modify screen chain when add rank or function popup has done a deletion of items
  • When a user create a contact, the system has to check if there is an other else contact with the same name and firstname. In this case, system has to ask the operator if it is the same contact already registered or another else and the way to change, or not, the database.
  • System to manage template and add configuration parameter to select it
  • All ACLs should be set in other window instead of the main window
  • Module to export data in OpenDocument format
  • Change XML data in order to show a specific popup help in all web pages (not only the link text as it is)
  • In "individu" form, on postal address, when changing the township the zip code has to change automaticaly (AJAX may be used here ??)


  • Create an administration system with a userfriendly interface to generate XML files that describe the database. These files are used by daemon and maybe by Web software. This system has to be able to generate all needed files !
  • Create an interface to manage the web software module (groups, ACL, ... administration)
  • Migrate the INI configuration file to XML structured file (this point has to be discuss because in my opnion INI files are easier for human reading). May be, development has to continue with INI file and in future an XML file module could be developed and user choice given when ready
  • Create a script to add a specific database user and grant all right to execute all requests on sicontact database and configure all scripts to use this new database user. Database user creation has to ask the password.
  • Create a submodule in configuration module to create graphically the database

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