Last modification of this document : Tuesday 22 avril 2008, 21:53:11 (UTC+0200)
Latest version : 0.0.14

May 2008 - Laurent Guignard -


April 2008 - Laurent Guignard -

* Several major bug correction
* Object Relational Mapping technologie apply in web part of project. Only
login procedure applies it. It need to be validated in production

January 2008 - Laurent Guignard -

* Correction of a major security bug (non-administrator users could see
others users contacts and now it isn't possible in normal use of
software ;) )
* Configuration module builds all need file to configure Sicontact web part

December 2007 - Laurent Guignard -

* Bug correction for a non-regression feature when using the personnal
address book
* Update the style of configuration form
* Dynamic update of form for new LDAP server parameter is working

September 2007 - Laurent Guignard -

* Beginning of configuration module with the web interface
* Result page for person update change to the person detailled page

May 2007 - Laurent Guignard -

* revolve bug in XML node object mapping

March 2007 - Laurent Guignard -

* Add drag and drop feature to personnal address
* Convert test database to UNICODE
* Convert all XML, XSL, XSD files into UTF-8 and change XSLT commands to fit
this change
* Decision to use scriptaculous library for javascript feature of web part
of SIContact project. Moreover each feature will have to be acessible
without browser javascript capability activated.

February 2007 - Laurent Guignard -

* New release published on SourceForge (0.0.11)
* MD5 file creation to check archive validity

December 2006 - Laurent Guignard -

* Adding the Documentation directory with the planned branch management
system (other document have to come in this directory with project extension)
* Update Add user form to dynamicaly take in charge the new rank input in the
popup window designed to this tas
* Update the Web part architecture to be easier to maintain source code
(specific actions directory instead of action management in index.php)

November 2006 - Laurent Guignard -

* Database update procedure building. Need more work...
* Daemon bug correction and BDD update function work...
Need only to create SQL requests to update BDD...
* SourceForge project creation

September 2006 - Laurent Guignard -

* New release (unstable) with all functions needed. Need to be tested !

January 2006 - Laurent Guignard -

* The first release with addressbook part usable.

December 2005 - Laurent Guignard -

* addressbook part validated. Main part of project done maybe some bug
correction will be needed

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