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Latest version : 0.0.14


Sorry for english of this page, but it's a french software and we made the effort to write everything in english. All pages of this software are designed in french so if you want to use it in an other language, you'll have to translate them, and please contact me to upgrade the version according to GPL licence.

What is it ?

SIContact is a WEB addressbook software. It can federate one or several LDAP directories and can be a means to add a lot of informations for your addressbook's contacts
With SIContact, you can bind any file you want to each contact of the database. You can bind, Curriculum vitae, photo, ... as you want. Moreover, the access of each contact can be secured.
You can use SIContact at home, at office, anywhere you can access all software it needs.

What do you need to run SIContact ?

To run correctly, SIContact need a Web server as Apache, PHP and a database. For the first version, the database used is POSTGRESQL.

SIContact comes with documentation that describes compiling options for all software used.
These software, on which SIContact is based, are not documented here but there is a lot of documentation about on Internet. You can refer their standard documentation to know more about...


All sources of SIContact are under the GPL Licence Version 2.

I am waiting for the GPL Licence version 3 to take position... That's a great debate today and I would like to be clams to take a decision and moreover there's a lot of work to do before choosing an other licence, may be !

Contact and participate

Project manager mail :
Two mailing lists are available. See at SourceForge project page
SIContact is also availble for programmers by Subversion. You can use this command to checkout SIContact in its current development state. svn co sicontact